Sled Dog Tours in Kvikkjokk

Step into the world of our signature Boring Tours — a break from the usual, a homage to reverent interaction with nature. Our philosophy is simple — nature deserves respect, not conquest.

Three years ago, we fell in love with the wild Kungsleden trail and the untouched wilderness of Kvikkjokk. It felt so right that we made it our home, where our dogs are as happy as we are. Here in this quiet slice of paradise, we've learned a lot from the land and the few people around. We're excited to pass on this knowledge through unique, cozy stays at our Camp Hostel Kvikkjokk and Boring tours for those looking for peace, not just thrills.

Why boring?

Boredom, we believe, sparks creativity like nothing else. Our tours are meticulously crafted to be more than just sensory entertainment. While we welcome Northern Lights enthusiasts, we advocate patience over chasing wonders – allowing nature to unfold its magic in its own time. Life, much like your curiosity, thrives in the seemingly "boring" moments.

Who is this for?

Boring Tours is designed for those who cherish nature as a balm for the soul. It's not for the hardcore adventurers seeking to conquer peaks or compete. Our offerings are tailored for ordinary individuals of any age or gender, fostering an environment where slowing down is an art. General health and mobility are essential, and we appreciate open communication about any limitations or disabilities as we operate as a self-reliant group.

What to expect?

Embark on snow-covered landscapes with skis or snowshoes, embracing a pace that maintains thermoregulation without the rush. Rest breaks are not a concession but an integral part of the journey. Accommodations range from tents to communal tipi tents equipped with a stove. Together, we cook, share tasks, play board games, and revel in the joy of conversation. Mobile phones are permitted, but our emphasis lies in connecting with nature and each other.

For details, call us +371 29 80 73 80 — or write us, we'll get back to you shortly.


Trust us, the real deal is waaay better


Meet our sled dogs! Each with a unique personality, they are more than companions, they are a family. Three majestic Alaskan Malamutes — Nessie, Tomi, and Skudra, and two dynamic Greenland dog pairs, Torvi and Trond, and Gusta and Gabor.